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PHI - Air SONATA Paraglider

PHI - Air Sonata

The new Baseline

The SONATA is an A-wing with 40 cells and many technical features enabling the combination of an extremely high safety level and good performance, a precise handling and a lot of fun. The usage of 30D Dominico cloth and extra diagonal reinforcement in combination with separately sliced finger ribs offer high durability and long lasting form stability.

PHI - Air VIOLA Paraglider

PHI - Air Viola

The Universal Wing

The VIOLA is an extremely versatile lightweight paraglider: 8 sizes covering a weight range from 50 to 145kg, from the certified miniwing up to an easy hike and fly wing for heavy pilots. The VIOLA 18 can be used as a family glider with a legal weight range from 50 up to 110kg. By using modern technology and new materials the weight per square meter was reduced even more. The risers are made from stable and robust TECHNORA. Choose softlinks or light metal maillon rapides. With the softlinks the small sizes of the VIOLA (incl. 20) have no pure metal parts at all! (The bigger sizes have a brake reef system with small metal rings.)

PHI - Air SYMPHONIA Paraglider

PHI - Air Symphonia

There's no stopping Revolution

The SYMPHONIA is a super-high A paraglider, with a technical complexity unparalleled in this class: 50 cells, miniribs sewn on the inside, double 3D-shaping, brake raffing system over the entire trailing edge, 32g Porcher cloth, diagonal finger-bands, a minimalist line lay-out with unsheathed lines and wrinkle-reducing reinforcements.

The Symphonia has re-defined the performance limits of the A class, through the combination of complex technical methods and the resulting clean finish.
Never before, has this kind of speed and performance been combined with such high-safety and comfort. Never before, has this kind of performance been made safely flyable for such a large group of Pilots.

PHI - Air TENOR Paraglider


Expanding Horizons

The TENOR is a Mid B wing which sets new standards in dynamic performance, passive safety and aerodynamic construction.
The additional mini ribs in the leading edge double the cell number in the critical area of the aerofoil. Together with the optimised double zigzag 3D shaping the surface finish reaches a new level of perfection.
Although the TENOR is a very robust wing (Dominico 30D/20D cloth and internal stitching of trailing edge mini ribs), the innovative internal construction reduces the weight effectively.
This wing is very stable at speed and has plenty of safety when it’s getting rough: the TENOR is built to expand your horizons.

PHI - Air TENOR Light Paraglider

PHI - Air TENOR Light

Lightness at its best

The TENOR light uses modern light construction insights to combine high aerodynamic efficiency with exceptional form stability and incredibly low weight. The performance and speed enables ambitious Hike & Fly adventures that can be relaxing at the same time. The risers are made from stable and robust TECHNORA. Choose softlinks or light metal maillons.
Such lightweight performance and safety has never been seen before! Try it for yourself.

PHI - Air MAESTRO Paraglider

PHI - Air Meastro

The Comeback!

The MAESTRO is the long awaited comeback of Hannes Papesh in the High B class.
This wing exceeds the very high expectations.

PHI - Air MAESTRO X - alps Paraglider

PHI - Air MAESTRO X - alps Paraglider

The Ultralight Racing Machine!

The MAESTRO X-alps is impressively demonstrating the possibilities of modern wing design in combination with new ultralight materials.

PHI - Air CONCERTO Paraglider

PHI - Air Concerto Paraglider

The best shared performance at maximum safety.

The PHI - Air team has many years of experience in the construction of tandem paragliders. As a result, the CONCERTO offers maximal safety (A class rating), reliability, robustness and extraordinary usability to support the professional pilot and make daily tandem flying enjoyable.